The mental box that confines the thinking of daft sinkies

From Asiaone's article: Singapore launches mental health programme to help local youth

From Asiaone’s article: Singapore launches mental health programme to help local youth

By Chua Chin Leng AKA RedBean 

Over the last few decades followed by daily repetitive drumming, the people have become so used to the false premises and false truths used to barricade their minds that they are now literally prisoners of this imaginative box. And the joke, they kept telling themselves to think out of the box when the box is inside their heads. Think about it, how many barriers have been erected around the Sinkie mind that have become permanent attachments to prevent them from thinking freely though they think they are thinking freely?

What are the artificial walls that the Sinkies are living with but not knowing and not seeing them?

1. Only the PAP can rule the island successfully.
2. Only the PAP has the talents to rule the island. The oppositions have no talents.
3. You want growth you must have an ever increasing population.
4. Singaporeans are daft.
5. Foreigners, no matter how shitty, are better than Sinkie talents.
6. We are a rule by law country. Think about it again.
7. We are a meritocracy and everyone is where he is by his own merit.
8. We are a free economy, free trade, free immigration, in other words a prostitute den. And these are good and necessary.
9. PAP will rule this island forever or at least another 50 years.

10. Extraordinary salaries for politicians are good and would prevent corruption.

11. We are a democracy.

12. High income inequality is good.

13. The fear of political masters.
14. Money is the determining factor for success and for everything.
15. Everything has a price and can be bought. The more expensive the better.
16. We are a country but more like a hotel in reality.
17. Our country is everyone else country, like a public toilet.
18. Everyone is equal but some are more equal than others.

I could go on with more walls. And these walls are there, inside the heads, and very effective in restraining the thoughts and activities of the citizens, controlling and moderating what they say or do, transcending all levels of society. All thinking processes and activities evolved behind these unseen walls. We are free in a deluded way. Our creativity and ingenuity are also restrained by these walls and you can see how creative or lack of it by our works and how we solve problems and their solutions.

Sinkies are in a way slaves behind these walls.

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