Did Najib paraphrase from Hsien Loong?

By Albert Tay (Sgc Ommoner)

I hereby declare Najib Razak plagiarise (or at least, paraphrase) from Lee Hsien Loong!

Just look at these:

“Content creators have to make sure their content does not lead members of society out of social and religious norms.”

“Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak yesterday said there was no “perfect solution” to finding the right balance between ensuring total Internet freedom and protecting the public from possible harm by irresponsible users.”

“Mr Najib noted that the Internet had raised new questions on the “hard limits of free expression”, owing to issues such as libel and cyberbullying. ”

“He added that the Internet should not be allowed to “become a medium for the stoking of racial and religious tension”, saying he had observed that, in Malaysia, the Internet had been abused many times to “spread half-truths and even outright lies”.”

“Mr Najib urged the public to be discerning and think before sharing online content as it has the potential to go “viral and take on a life of its own”.”

““I believe we should preserve what makes the Internet what it is: A place for the free exchange of views, a place where truly interactive discussion can progress knowledge, development and democracy. But I also believe we can all commit to encouraging more civil and responsible online debate, to ensure behaviour online reflects the norms and values that we expect of one another in real life,” he said.”

I seriously, almost copied the entire article here.

kl working to censor websites

re: http://www.todayonline.com/world/asia/kl-working-censor-websites

also: https://www.facebook.com/leehsienloong/posts/719842881411754



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