More than 9 in 10 internet users in Singapore have facebook

[photo credit: BET] 

Singaporeans are the fondest of using Facebook and WhatsApp, a research by GlobalWebIndex (GWI) shows.

When it comes to social networking sites, more than nine in 10 Internet users in Singapore have a Facebook account. This is higher than the average of nearly seven in 10 globally.

YouTube and Google+ comes in second and third, at 69 percent and 64 percent respectively. Globally, this is 51 percent and 55 percent.

About a quarter of respondents in Singapore who have Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts have also “logged in to see what’s happening without posting/commenting on anything myself”.

When it comes to mobile messaging application, 55 percent of Singaporeans use WhatsApp, while Facebook Messenger comes in second at 30 percent.

Globally, WhatsApp ranks third and fourth in Asia Pacific. This is because users in markets like China, the United States and Japan are keener towards using other chat apps.

The most popular mobile messaging application globally and in the Asia Pacific is actually WeChat, primary because it has “a huge active audience in China”.

But WeChat comes in at third place in Singapore, with only 18 percent of respondents who use the app. Skype also ranks third in Singapore, followed by Line and Viber.

According to GWI, social networking is the second-fastest growing online activity in the world. Its activity has risen 187 percent globally and 242 percent in the Asia Pacific over the last five years. Online dating grew the fastest.

Globally, there are four in 10 users who use mobile messaging applications, or a total of 616 million users. This is a slightly higher 46 percent in the Asia Pacific.

This has resulted in the number of users who have “messaged a friend in the last month” on Facebook declining globally. In the first quarter of last year, there were 512 million who did so but this has dropped to 313 million in Q3 this year.

Conversations are also shifting onto mobile chat apps because these apps are free and quicker than using social networking sites or text messaging. Plus, more and more friends are using these apps.

Sources: CNA, TRS


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