New citizen: Not all new citizens want to vote for the PAP

Dear Native Singaporeans, New Citizens and TRS,

It seems apparent to me that there is a preconceived notion about new citizens voting for PAP out of gratuity. It also seems apparent to me that there is definitely a disparity in how the government treats its own citizens and foreigners brought into the different sectors such as education and workplace, even though it may not be an explicit intention of the government. I would like to assure you guys that we new citizens are not all daft about all these. We have eyes and ears to see and hear how the grievances from our fellow native Singaporeans had all went to deaf ears.

new citizen

Please spare me your attention , and before you tick me off the list of “Foreigners” stealing jobs and disrespecting norms and cultures, I would like to say that I am with you in disapproving what the PAP does, and therefore, I am an opposition supporter.

To me, it is very simple, I don’t vote PAP just because they are the “hands that feed me” I am not a dog, and I don’t do it out of gratuity, though I can’t speak the same for the rest of the new citizens. But I would like to appeal to fellow new citizens, and citizens-to-be, to open your eyes and ears more, put yourself into the shoes of native Singaporeans, and ask yourself if that is how you would like to be treated back in your home country. From NS full time and reservist obligations, to scholarships given to more foreigners than local students, to a suppressed freedom of speech, to a puppet-controlled media, to a late retirement age depriving our elderly of the privilege to enjoy the later years, and to many many more unending woes, Native Singaporeans have suffered quietly without protests, under the PAP’s pretext of social security. They have lost jobs to us foreigners in the workplace because of their NS obligations, and theirs kids have lost opportunities and access to scholarships that had otherwise been reserved for some of us. Yet despite all the sacrifices native Singaporeans have made, it did not seem that they have a clear priority above foreigners in many aspects. If PAP can do this to them, they can do this to us too. This utmost disregard of its own citizens is unforgivable, and unfathomable.

Think about it. If your respective government treats your child this way, if your government treats you this way despite all the sacrifices you have made, how would you feel? When I was still in my native country, I had always known that the politicians here are paid the highest in the world. To be paid highest in any organizations, it means you are DAMN good. It didn’t puzzle me as Singapore was and is still a good country, good economy and good reputation. But when I came here, what I saw and felt completely blew me away. How could the highest paid and presumed best government (based on salary), treat its own citizens this way? Yes, they are very good in making money, but they definitely don’t in caring for their own citizens. And it disgusts me how shameless they can be continue drawing such a high salary, despite doing such a poor job.

I came from a country where corruption is rampant, and economy is weak. Although the government sucked in doing their job, and in making our nation better, they still had the citizens’ hearts at its core.

Fellow new citizens, if you are truly grateful of being granted citizenship and a new home here, express your gratuity not by voting for PAP, but by supporting native Singaporeans in their desire for a change. In occasions, you may feel on top of the natives in the workplace or in schools because the government here favours you more, but bear in mind, all these are temporary, and we should not gain at the expense of native Singaporeans here.

A New Citizen, on TRS


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