Entering politics should be a ‘non-realistic’ decision: Sgcommoner

When one enters politics, I think he needs to bear in mind that he is making a ‘non-realistic’ decision. Because if he were to be realistic, he should, as our dear leaders say, “join the private work force where they can earn much more” (although we all doubt they can firstly based on their calibre, and secondly due to their overly-pumped up remunerations).

When entering politics, you are entering a noble profession whereby although should be decently paid, should not be obscenely paid to the extent of drawing irk from almost all citizens in the country. “Realistic” just doesn’t and shouldn’t come in.

realistic salaries, lhl

Our Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, easily the highest paid in the world, when asked by the Chinese media on the question of getting ‘high’ salaries to prevent corruption, tells them we are getting ‘realistic’ and ‘correct’ ones.

The fact that we have “realistic” politicians is telling about how we must remove them as soon as possible. People who unlike those who take pay cut when economy is not doing well, or who volunteer to not take pay when something is not done right or has not been put right, think, in order to “prevent corruption”, they need to pay themselves obscenely, who therefore lack any moral integrity and power, people who are paid higher than the politicians of USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Australia and dunno where combined, but who claim to be paid “correctly”.

How can someone who misunderstand and misinterpret the noble profession of a politician to be one that is “realistic” be “correct”? And this when asked by the media of China, a country itself filled with corruption which queried about their exuberant salaries.

Albert Tay (Sgc Ommoner)


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