Parents of special needs child: Shame on Teo Ser Luck and the PAP who hijacked the YMCA event

ymca event

Shame on you Teo Ser Luck and all you despicable PAP grassroots leaders who hijacked the YMCA event and used our children as pawns to score political points. No, the protesters in no way scared our children. It was clearly a set-up and GOD is our witness to this shameful act. As the father of one of the children, I can clearly testify the following facts:

1) The children were stressed by the loud sound system, which we suspect was done on purpose to disrupt the CPF protest. The show initially was supposed to begin at 12noon to 2pm. Then at the last minute, we were told the time is changed to 2pm to 4 pm. I think to clash with the CPF protest, they changed it to 4pm to 6pm on the same day.

2) The protesters speeches with a small PA system were in no way disrupting our show. Quite a few of us went over to listen to their speeches. They were in no way hate speeches, they were merely explaining how the government had lied to us regarding the CPF and how we deserved better interests for our CPF funds.

3) The only time the protesters marched was to get the attention of the minister in attendance and nothing more. For the record, our kids were not even on stage when they started walking. They were in no way heckling our kids. Some of us also went out to shake Roy’s and Han Hui’s hands in appreciation of their sacrifice.

4) A lot of us parents, were clapping for the protesters and appreciate their sacrifice to expose the tyranny of this useless self-serving government. The people who were shouting back at the protesters, were the grassroots volunteers.

5) Our Lord Jesus truly works in mysterious ways, turning a cunning scheme by the government to fix the CPF protesters, into one that has shed light on the difficulties for parents with special needs children. Let’s see how much they do to help us, now that our plight is out in the open. Hope Roy and Han Hui can do a protest to highlight the plight of struggling parents like us. I am sure you have friends who can apply the permits for you.

6) As for people like Roy Ngerg and Ms Han Hui, I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the sacrifice to stand up against the tyranny . GOD bless you both and I’m sure many are praying that you will come out safe from your selfless sacrifice. As for Mr Ngerng, I am sorry that you lost your job in the process and are now made to look like a criminal for standing up for your fellow men and women.

7) Thanks to the government’s stupidity more people will come together. Now more people are exposed to social media web-sites, like TRemeritus, The Online Citizen and The Real Singapore, which until that event, I myself did not know existed.

Lately the PAP is suddenly so interested in special needs children? LKY and the PAP believes in eugenics and they don’t care about the plight of our children, as they consider them as useless and are a burden and can’t contribute to their GDP growth. But if there is a chance to make use of them to discredit the CPF protests or score political points they will. Sadly for Han Hui and Roy, they innocently walked into a trap. But not to worry, GOD is watching.

Quite a few of us wish to come out and make a joint statement on the matter, but we are afraid we will be targeted too. Don’t forget our board of directors of YMCA are all PAP members. We are already struggling with our lives, so please forgive us for not standing up to be witnesses to this whole injustice, where some brave young fighters are going to be wrongly crucified like our LORD Jesus Christ, for standing up for the meek and weak.

To all Singaporeans, please continue to support these young brave hearts and pray for them in their hour of need.

To the judges and Chief of Police, please don’t continue to participate in committing these atrocities against your fellow men and women, by supporting the Devil in disguise, the PAP government, sorry I meant a ruthless PAP Dictatorship. GOD shall provide, don’t accept the blood money of your masters if you have GOD in your hearts.

GOD bless you. Pray for our heroes daily.

By Mary & Joseph, on TRS


3 thoughts on “Parents of special needs child: Shame on Teo Ser Luck and the PAP who hijacked the YMCA event

  1. Haha….the real truth prevail….as I see it.

    God is Great.

  2. It takes many lies to cover another. It goes on an on and soon the lies are exposed.
    A thief becomes embolden with each thieving success. One fine day he or she id caught and exposed. To late for regrets.
    The process of penal punishment kicks in and all illegal acts are uncovered with immense evidence that would be used to nail the felon.
    Those who commit atrocities on innocent people will face retribution or Karma. Those that are accomplices would also be dealt with in accordance with the law that says, ‘in furtherance of common intention’.
    One may run but to where for extraditions treaties exists between many nations.
    Israel sent teams to hunt down fugitives of the Holocaust.
    The enforcing authorities and security personnel should never allow themselves to be abused for they too have to account to the people and yo GOD.
    Look at post Marcos, Suharto and Baby Doc Duvalier era. Frightening. Eerie

  3. Are you kidding? This sounds like a scam post. Mary and Joseph? Seriously?

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