Use of force on HK protestors: CCP ought to feel ashamed

The New Era condemns the use of force by the Hong Kong authorities on the protestors, some of them students, including firing tear gas, wielding batons and dragging people along the ground. We also condemn the use of force by thugs on the peaceful demonstrators and the police’s inaction against them.

The Chinese government ought to feel disgraced by its actions, at non-democracy and refusing to allow democracy in Hong Kong where it has promised to give autonomy during the city’s return to the motherland.

We also urge our Singaporean brothers and sisters to stand together with our Hong Kong counterparts in their fight for democracy, and to be on their side in the face of such ill-treatment, bullying and violence. Because “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

It is in this same light that we want to remind, that the oft-cited mantra of “domestic affairs” (which the PAP also employs) cannot work with us. It is also ironic that you do not let Hongkongers decide on their “domestic” affairs!


hongkong169-408x264 (1)


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