“We can try” ad that might inspire us and scare the PAP

This Thai ad entitled, “We Can Try” may just send chills down the spines of the ruling PAP men. Why? Because it shows the spirit of ‘trying’ can be great and can lead to success, something the PAP constantly and consistently warns Singaporeans against when voting in the elections.

“We have a track record.” “Where were they (the Opposition) all this while?” (even though as a non-ruling party, there is just so much you can do, especially when the PAP has virtually totalitarian control over the island state) are usual PAP mantras. “What if they fail?” “What if they bankrupt the country by emptying the reserves?” (which are really, our money) warns our former MM Lee Kuan Yew. (even though losing billions in investments can, really, also bankrupt the country)

So it is not surprising that, in the same light, Singaporeans are not entrepreneurial. They do not dare to try, to contest, to venture, and to fail. Our elite education system has also bred a nation that celebrates scholars who ‘cannot fail’ and a people who look up to this mode of advancement. Our suppressive political and social systems dictate a population that does not dare to question, to ask, to change at their own will. All changes also have to be instructed and monitored by the masters above.

This is not the spirit of trying. Part of a series of 3 ads produced by Thai company AIS, this one shows a child, under the guidance and encouragement of her mother, ‘trying’ – to plant and grow something as simple as bean sprouts (that we eat in our char kway teow, which Lee Hsien Loong cannot even pronounce correctly) – again and again, after several failed attempts and after losing quite some money buying new beans from the mart.

Initial failures in growing the bean sprouts shown in the video are also like what we might experience shall we face a party takeover one day. No one guarantees everything is going to be lovey-dovey without any obstacles or possible troubles. Change is painful – but it does not mean we do not do it. If we want to get out of the situation we are in now, we have to pay some price and dare do something.

The spirit of ‘trying’ is in unison with the spirit of ‘changing’ political parties in democracies, where people choose someone else whom they have faith in to be more capable to ‘try things out’ and see how things go; whether they can be better, or if another way is better.

In this day and age where the world is constantly evolving, let us embrace the spirit of ‘trying’ and change for something better for Singapore. With the hope of seeing success eventually!


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