Singapore’s National Day: A to Z

The New Era compiles what can best represent the political scene in Singapore for National Day.

lhl attire, ndp

Lee Hsien Loong at NDP 2014

A for PAP’s A-Team, that can never fail and never fall.

B for PAP’s B-Team, that is still better than any other team, according to the PAP.

C for C-Class wards that PAP does not allow you to go to if your income is above a certain level.

D for Derisory, the amount Roy Ngerng came up with for LHL’s damages.

E for White Elephant in the House.

F for PAP’s performance these years.

G for Garbage piles the PAP says Opposition wards will have if people voted that way.

H for Housing loans you take forever to pay.

I for Internet that the PAP fears.

J for Jason Chua, the PAP’s top lapdog on facebook.

K for Kaki-lang, which refers to PAP’s lapdogs in ‘neutrality”s clothing.

L for ‘Lan Pah’, that the bootlickers like to lick, of their PAP masters.

M for Medishield Life, PAP’s newest tool to trick your votes.

N for Nanny state, that LKY is proud to have created.

O for Opposition, which Singaporeans yearn to rule Singapore one day; oh, finally, something non-PAP.

P for PAP, what else? (People?)

Q for Queue, for like, everything?

R for RC, one of the important PAP’s grassroots tools.

S for Sin, which Singapore has lately come to be quite famous for.

T for Talent, which Singapore constantly lacks.

U for U-turn, PAP’s favorite activity, even if they don’t like to admit.

V for Vision, which LKY has, but his son admits not having 20/20 accuracy of.

W for Workers’ Party, oops!

X for X-Ray, which we hope to have to see through the government’s highly-kept-secret finances.

Y for Youth, their hope, our hope, and the definition of our future.

Z for Zombie, don’t ask me who!

By The New Era


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