Discourse about homosexuality matters and beyond

In view of the recent ‘hype’ over homosexuality rights and its opposition, we would like to state that we support a platform that allows different points of view to surface and be heard. 

All groups have their interests and perspectives, their principle and ideology. And we believe they all mean well. Whether it is to respect an individual’s right to a way of life and asking for greater equality, or to uphold moral and religious prudence and seeking greater peace, everyone is entitled to their views and should be allowed to speak out and make influence on the home to which they belong.

For too long have discourse on race, language and religion (and hence, culture and morality) been too dependent on and/or dominated by the PAP rhetoric. Certain rules are too stringent and rigid to ensure everyone has no say and everyone listens to one ruler, and some others are “flexible” as and when the rulers like it, and then some words can be uttered only by some people with impunity from racist allegations.

Tell me that is not the kind of Singapore you want to live in. Tell me what you want is something freer, something higher than mental slavery.

As long as we do not condone extremism (on either side), everyone should be entitled to his or her piece in a democratic society.

It is on the same tone that we ask that we be allowed greater freedoms of expression and assembly, constitutionally guaranteed and universally accepted.

That is what we at the New Era are fighting for.


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