No objectionable material in song about acceptance in friendship

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I refer to the letter “Censorship necessary for event with no age restrictions” (June 18). First, the writer assumes that children would receive objectionable material from listening to A-mei’s song Rainbow.

The lyrics of the song centre on a female protagonist who seeks solace in a possibly homosexual friend, who has similarly been hurt in relationships.

It is a song about unconditional, supporting friendship, no matter the friend’s sexual orientation.

Encouraging one’s children to accept their friends for who they are is not objectionable, not if one is truly concerned about the moral well-being of our children.

Irrational objection to the song shows the true complaint is merely that homosexuals are portrayed as being fit for friendship.

Second, others have mentioned that if the Media Development Authority (MDA) applies the same yardstick to all performances here that do not have an age limit on ticket sales, its advisory would be consistent.

Otherwise, it may be understood, incorrectly, that the MDA is pandering to conservative elements in Singapore, unless it clarifies that songs about drugs and murder are acceptable but songs involving a possibly homosexual character are not.

If so, the publication of clear guidelines would be useful.

Article first published in TODAY, June 20, 2014.

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