Complaints persist over SingTel’s World Cup package

The late rush comes despite the World Cup package being offered since March, but SingTel had said earlier that it was prepared for last-minute sign-ups and would ramp up its efforts to ensure those who wanted to do so could get their football fix.

However, fans have taken to social media to say otherwise. Many have gone on SingTel’s Facebook page to complain that they have been unable to watch the games after signing up, while others are irked about patchy image quality.

One of those affected, Mr Vikram Mengi, wrote on the Facebook page: “I subscribed to the FIFA WC (World Cup) channel, but now all I can watch is some shaky images. I tried restarting the set-top box, but to no avail. Also, (the) hotline took me for a long joyride and finally disconnected my call.”

He added that he managed to get assistance from the telco’s technical personnel, but the problem did not go away, leaving him with what he termed “frozen images”.

A StarHub customer, Mr Sameer Desai, wrote that he had signed up for the World Cup package via the cross-carriage arrangement, but could not receive the broadcasts.

“The channel has gone blank for StarHub subscribers who bought the World Cup package … It went blank before the start of the game at midnight,” he wrote.

SingTel’s mio TV GO application — which allows viewing of the matches on mobile devices — had also been unreliable, said some users.

One user, Mr Lim Ming Chai, said he was unable to log on to the application. He was prompted to key in his particulars several times, but had no success and missed Wednesday’s match between Russia and South Korea.

In response to queries, a SingTel spokesperson said it has responded to those who have posted complaints on its Facebook page.

It added that these are isolated incidents and that customers were experiencing different problems.

Article first published in TODAY, June 21, 2014.


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