10 things YOU should know about SFP


Xenophobic? Populist? Ex-PAP members? United Opposition? The formation of SFP has raised many eyebrows and it’s to take a closer look at SFP.

Yesterday, former Presidential Candidate Tan Jee Say announced the formation of a new Political Party in Singapore called Singaporeans First. This has been met with mixed reactions and many misunderstandings, some call the name of the Party a xenophobic and populist one. Others even came up with theory that Tan Jee Say was a mole from the PAP who formed the Party instead of joining an already existing one to dilute the non-PAP votes, the presence of former government servants and YPAP members also furthers strengthens this theory. Netizens also made a comparison of the Party’s Logo with the logo of Wall’s Ice Cream! I was present at their press conference yesterday and actually many of these questions were raised in a straightforward way towards Tan Jee Say and the rest of the members and he addressed them.

That is why I believe that it’s time we bust some myths and share some misunderstandings about SPF, it’s formation and Tan Jee Say based on SFP’s Manifesto and the Press Conference yesterday.

Here are 10 things you should know about SFP! – on Arrifin Sha’s blog


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