Farewell to King Albert Park – a place of memories for our youth

By Daniel’s Food Blog

[Updated: McDonald’s King Albert Park will cease operations 16th March 2014, Sunday 23:59 hours. Go take your photos there!]


If you have not heard, King Albert Park fondly known as K.A.P has been sold to Oxley Holdings for $150 million. That would mean all seven units, including the favourites Cold Storage, Island Creamery and yes, McDonald’s at KAP would be closing and saying goodbye.

Online voices are not too happy about it – that an “iconic 20 year place” is going to be turned into another condominium; that they are losing part of their memories; and this is coming right after the closure of East Coast Park.

To many, they do not understand the “sadness” and fuss… Good riddance to another fast food restaurant. But there is another group of people who feels lost about the fate of this “heritage site”.

Read the rest of the article by Daniel’s Food Blog here: McDonald’s – As We Say Goodbye to King Albert Park


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