TOP 10 2013, TNEFull pic on our fb:

10. Kovan Double Murder, July. Senior staff sergeant from the police, Iskandar Rahmat, is suspected of killing a father-and-son duo, over either relationship or monetary issues. A scene was created just outside the MRT station with the roads bloodied by a dragged body.

9. Yong Vui Kong gets life sentence and 15 strokes of the cane instead of death, in November, following a legal reform that introduced the discretionary death-penalty regime, following numerous petitions from activists. His lawyer was M Ravi. Singapore had had the mandatory death penalty regulation on drug trafficking.

8. Singapore is alleged to have spied on Malaysia and Indonesia, according to Wikileaks, in November.

7. Ilo Ilo wins big at the Cannes (May) and the Golden Horse Awards (November), making it the first Singaporean film to achieve this feat. It was previously said to have been rejected funding from the Singapore government, but it received “warm welcome” by government ministers after the historic win. Meanwhile another Singaporean film, lesser known probably due to its content featuring political exiles of the state, won at the Dubai International Film Festival (December).

6. Websites of a PAP town council, several government ministries, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Istana, some schools, and The Straits Times, got hacked into by figures including that which used the identity of the “Messiah” (allegedly on behalf of Anonymous). Particularly, the hacker of the Istana website left an image with the words “Jiak Liau Bee” beneath it. The one of ST left the words: “Dear ST: You just got hacked for misleading the people”. These happened in June.

5. Law is passed requiring websites that touch on “Singapore news” and that meet certain criteria to be licensed and put on a bond of $50,000, causing outrage across the online community platforms, in June.

4. Singapore sees the worst record of haze with the PSI going above 400 at its highest, in June. Responses from the government have been criticized as being weak and slow, with masks not adequately and swiftly distributed and readings not properly reported.

3. Lee Li Lian of the Workers’ Party wins big at the Punggol East by-election, in January; this is despite earlier speculation that votes would be close and that the PAP could still win. Vote percentage difference from runner-up, PAP’s Dr Koh Poh Koon, stood at 11%. The other contenders from RP and SDA lost their deposits.

2. The notorious White Paper on Population gets passed in Parliament by 77 votes to 13, in February. Hong Lim Park protests were organised after which and online and offline quarters were evidently enraged by it.

1. And on the top of the news for 2013, Singapore saw the first outbreak of a riot in 44 years in the Little India district on 8 December. Speculations point to the feeling of exploitation and ridicule of the workers. Police response was also set in question. The government’s responding procedure of banning alcohol was also cast in scrutiny as people ponder over the real cause of the violence and the welfare of the workers, even as they further raise anxiety over the projected 6.9m target set out in the population white paper. And while the government continues to insist “investigations are still ongoing”, some Singaporeans have not stopped short to say: “this is just a tip of the iceberg and I think there is more to come.”

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