The value of anonymity

Anonymity does have its value; it is one reason you see us here.Image

It would of course be better if everyone dares to speak using their real name, but precisely because we are living in a not-so-democratic landscape, we need anonymity for people to dare to speak up and speak out.

At the same time, it is precisely a not-so-democratic regime that would always want to limit anonymity and discredit it because of not-so-nice comments it facilitates to be circulated.

While the PAP regime asks us to give up anonymity, we instead ask it to give up its tight control on expression, discourse and political activity; then we can start talking about real responsibility from each and every citizen.

And as far as things are currently, we do see evident responsibility by and large; it is instead the PAP that is being irresponsible by spewing less-than-decent rhetoric and attempting to quash thoughtful, reasonable ones.

“In the end, the ability to speak anonymously isn’t just an attribute of what Alicia Shepard calls “faux democracies” — it’s something that has also played a key role in the rise of real democracies in countries like the United States, by allowing people to speak to the powerful without fear of persecution. We shouldn’t toss that kind of principle aside so lightly just because we want to cut down on irritating comments from readers, or stop the occasional blogger from pretending to be someone they are not.”

-from an article on anonymity; full article here:


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