Singaporeans have to change for Singapore to change


“For Singapore to change, Singaporeans need to change first.

From our approach to the environment, to history, to personal success and well-being, the PSLE, education in general, and how we do things, how we interact with others, how we view others and not judge so quickly, how we talk, how we eat, how we queue up, how we ask questions, how we show respect, tolerance, acceptance, how we lead, how we guide others, how we help one another, how we care for one another, and how we embrace a broader perspective to life, then in the midst of it, how we conduct discourse, how we ask what we want, how we seek what we want, how we question, how we consult, how we review, how we petition, how we fight for our cause and how we seek change.

Singaporeans cannot continue to be selfish, think only for themselves, think small, think sectarian, and think near.

It is a whole process.”

-Sgc Ommoner


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