PAP wants you to thank them for every little thing

PAP builds roads for us (unnecessarily) with our roads facing “construction” more than necessary, so as to create revenue for construction companies, earning them the slogan: “purposely want to dig”. And for the small little things they do, like replacing the roof and ceiling and all, they want to amplify it and want us to thank them and ahem, vote for them at the polls.But when will we sit up and realise the truth behind all this?

First, so much is monopolised in Singapore that there is no real enterprise culture to speak of. This is especially so for small start-ups and SMEs. Fancy them saying they wanna encourage entrepreneurship and all; but where is the space? Every corner of this island is not just ruled by them, it’s owned by them as well. Even your property is on a 99-year lease!

govt suppressing tech

So what of taking away all your potential and providing you with some little tidbits and then claiming to be the hero of the day who are the only people who can provide such stuff or we will all collapse, “because no one else would want to take charge”, “because Singaporeans don’t have entrepreneurial qualities”.

Second, what has the performance by the PAP been so far? With all the MRT train breakdowns, overpopulation and now even ceiling problems in our HDB estates?

How long more do we want to live in oblivion and custody?


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